Emorya Finance
Value Redefined

Limited Pre-sale Ended
Token PriceBNB 0.000005
Presale TokensEY 100,000,000
Total TokensEY 1,000,000,000
What is

Emorya (EMR)

Emorya is a Hyper Deflationary Token initially created on Binance Smart Chain and then migrated to Elrond Network.

Since the classic currencies are loosing value everyday we have managed to create a Hyper Deflationary Token which instead of being inflative like the classic currencies it gains value in time through our sophisticated coin features. Emorya token holders are not only rewarded through static rewards but also through true automatic burns from every trade within the liquidity pool.

The currency of PEOPLE and FREEDOM

Emorya Sport (EYS)

Earn by burning calories, live the life you always wanted.

The idea behind Emorya Sport is for you to earn money just by doing your day to day activities. Every step is counted, but of course we will reward more the people who adopt a healty life, doing actual Sport activities and successfully finish our daily challenges. More details... here


Emorya Tokenomics

All Liquidity Pool tokens will be locked and the Staff’s allocated supply also.
30% Guarantee fund & Staking

Used to secure the Emorya ecosystem and as liquidity for Emorya Sport token.

10% Marketing & Innovation

Investment in marketing and innovation for the Emorya Ecosystem.

10% Team

Allocated to our team of developers, financial and marketing experts.

emorya token
6% Private sale

Limited pre-sale available for the team and ambassadors.

24% Public Pre-sales

For more details about the pre-sales, please check the Roadmap.

20% Public sale

Please stay tuned to find out when and where Emorya is listed.

Transaction Fee Breakdown

Will be utilized to keep the price of the token in check by buying back the Tokens and Burning them

Development Tax

Marketing investments to promote the coin and rise it's value.


RFI Static Rewards

3% of every transaction is taken and re distributed to all Emorya holders.



Emorya takes 3% BuyBack tax on each transaction


Burn Tax

Emorya burns 3% from each transaction amount.


Why we use the
Elrond Network

We choosed Elrond Network Blockchain because of it's high performance network which offers, one of the best network performance on the market with super fast transactions, one of the lowest transaction fees and because it's the only blockchain în Europe with zero negative impact on climate change.

Meet the Emorya Team

Together we can accomplish a job worth doing, and a success worth reaching.
Oliviu Jurjica

Entrepreneur, Fitness trainer and dietitian, Business advisor, Crypto investor and Professional trader.

Alexandru Daraban

Telecommunications Engineer switching from GPRS/5G to Blockchain technologies.

Vasi Draghici

Mentor in Business Environment,Entrepreneur and General Manager of Primo Life Group Companies - Distributor of ShieldUP concept.

Francisc Radoi

Trying to bring Sport into the Crypto world. Professional athlete & Entrepreneur.

CO-FOUNDER & Core Team - EYS
Andrei Boceanu

Sports teacher, Marketing specialist.

Eduard Marian

Experienced DevSecOps Architect being part of the main network team of Lukso, a fork of Ethereum.

Robert Raut

Senior Software Developer, Specialised in Developing Mobile and Web applications.

Andrei Zorilă

Business Architecture Reflection Group, PR & PA - Marketing specialist

Felician Topan

Almost 15 years of experience in team leading and operations management.

Support Specialist
Alexandru Jurca

Legal expert, first and second level support specialist.


Sport Ambassador
Dan Alexa

I am confident that Emorya Sport will help us all get a better and healthier life.