Andrei Zorila

Andrei Zorilă

Strategic Business Architect | Reflection Group, PR & PA – Marketing Specialist

Andrei is an accomplished professional with a diverse skill set that encompasses many areas of expertise. As a Cryptocurrency WEB3 Business Architect, Marketing Specialist, Content Creator, Web Designer, and NFT – Economics ops Strategist, he has a deep understanding of the complex intersection between technology, finance, and marketing.

In his role as a key team member of the Emorya Project, Andrei has made invaluable contributions as the designer and architect of the Emorya Ecosystem. His creative vision and technical expertise have helped to shape the project and bring it to life.

Andrei’s commitment to the Emorya Project is unwavering, and he often refers to it as “the project of my life.” He has been instrumental in the rebranding and redesign of the project’s new look and feel, ensuring that it is visually appealing, intuitive, and user-friendly.

Overall, Andrei is a talented and dedicated professional who has played an integral role in the success of the Emorya Project. His expertise and vision have helped to position the project as a leader in the fast-evolving world of blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Strategic Planning
Business Architecture
Strategic Communication
Web Design
Content Creation