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Emorya Sport Token (EYS)

Investing in EY will give you the opportunity to mine EYS, up to the threshold of 50% of the amount held in EY.
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Nowadays, we can all agree that time slips away too quickly with each of us generally spending it on the job we don't want, living a life for others constantly looking forward to the weekend or a vacation in order to be what we really want to be: FREE.

Due to technical progress and the innovative technology that surrounds us, society in general but the economy in particular will begin the process of robotization which is already underway in some of the most advanced economies of the world (Japan, South Korea, etc.) evolution should not scare us as it is part of the logical economic evolution developed by the Austrian economist Joseph Schumpeter (the theory of creative destruction) but it should push us to new ways of thinking about our ability to earn a living in the near future.

This is the main reason why we wanted to create Emorya. To give the opportunity to anyone from anywhere in the world to earn money, while living his life the way that person wants. Through our app, we monitor the calories burned during the day, and depending on their number, you will be rewarded with EYS currency.


  • Each user of the app will receive EYS depending on the number of calories burned each day.
  • Depending on the targets set and the challenges proposed by the fitness instructors we work with, we will offer substantial rewards.

Due to Staking, Hyper Deflation, Burn, Buy-Back, 3% Holder, calorie mining and more, we consider the Emorya Ecosystem as the fastest way available towards economic freedom.

Coming soon... for iOS and Android

Emorya Sport App

You will earn EYS token just by burning calories.

The idea behind Emorya Sport is for you to earn money just by doing your day to day activities. Every step is counted, but of course we will reward more the people who adopt a healty life, doing actual Sport activities and successfully finish our daily challenges.

Apart for the challenges, users who are attending one of the partner gym for example, will get extra rewards, and they will be able to pay their membership using EYS.

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